About us

Qihai Fitness Training Products Co., Ltd., founded in 2012, manufacturer and wholesaler of fitness training products.

Qi Hai Fitness Training , founded in 2012, is located in the beautiful DUSHU Lakeside in Suzhou, also called EARTH PARADISE city in the east of China.
Qi Hai runs worldwide-reputed branding business, led by fitness and sports products, gathered with three core competitiveness, which are,
independent design and development; in-depth supply
chain integration and whole network marketing gene,
to provide users with completed one-stop fitness sports
At present, Qi Haiis equipped with a design and development team of 30 people, supply-chain integration team of 40 people, brand marketing and sales operation team of nearly 100 people; owns 8 independent brands; possesses patented invention 11 items, including 7 design patents and 4 utility patents; occupies office area over 2,000 m2 and plant area 8,000 m2; accomplishes the annual turnover up to 25 million US dollar and increases rapidly; co-works with suppliers 348 and in-depth cooperation suppliers 195.
Years on, Qi Haistrives to provide one-stop sports and health solutions for the global users, to extend health and joy to every corner of the world.